05 May

Oberon South Primary School makes a difference in childrens’ vision

On Monday, 8 May at 9.00am, Geelong’s Oberon South Primary School became the third Victorian school to receive vision screening from the Australian charity, Essilor Vision Foundation and Deakin University’s (Geelong) School of Medicine, Optometry Program. But this school is somewhat different to other Victorian schools that have come before it in that Principal Glen Lauder and his staff are embracing an “innovation revolution” to turn back the tide of falling enrolments. Oberon South currently has just forty-five enrolments, from Prep to Year...

21 Mar

Back to the future at Harlaxton State School

On May 13th last year Harlaxton State School became the focus of considerable local and national media attention when it was the first Australian school to receive vision screening from the recently established Essilor Vision Foundation. Ten months later the Foundation, with the generous assistance of volunteer local optometrists and optometry students, has screened over 20 national schools, including 13 in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. Another 50 are on the waiting list primarily in Victoria and South Australia. On that day...

24 Jan

IDEAS Van and Essilor Vision Foundation team up for Indigenous eye health

Queensland’s IDEAS Van (Indigenous Diabetes Eyes and Screening) has teamed up with the Australian charity Essilor Vision Foundation in a unique collaboration aimed at improving the vision of the State’s regional and remote indigenous people. The IDEAS Van initiative closes the health gap for Indigenous and remote communities by providing a visiting service that gives access to first class specialist services in the familiar cultural surrounds of a Community Controlled Health Service, thus improving compliance and health outcomes. The initiative builds a...